The Models of Victoria's Secret

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder, (born June 1, 1970 in Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands) is a Dutch model.
Karen Mulder is a big blonde with Marlene Dietrich cheekbones. She's modelled around the world; in the United States she's best known for her appearances in Calvin Klein and Guess clothing ads and in the Victoria's Secret catalog.

In 2001 Mulder became embroiled in controversy after she filed a rape complaint in France against Prince Albert of Monaco. She made a similar accusation during a taping of a television show, but the producers deemed her emotionally unstable and did not broadcast the interview.
Later a rumor spread that Mulder had been committed to a psychiatric clinic, and in January of 2002 Mulder announced that she had been sexually abused as a child. Her father publicly blamed her troubles on drugs.
Later in 2002 it was reported that she had attempted suicide from an overdose of sleeping pills.

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