SF Consumer Products Group brings community, skillsharing, and social events for those bringing us healthier, sustainable, and ethical consumer products. The SF CPG community gives us all a better chance of succeeding – it is a resource to seek experts, partners, funders, resources, and connect over common interests. Join us for an upcoming happy hour!

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How-to Startup Series


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How-to Startup Series


Explore different topics critical to today’s CPG world. Whether you are a current or future entrepreneur, a partner in the ecosystem, looking to network, or just a fan, this will be a great way for you to learn about mission-critical building blocks of the successful startup. We’ll start & end with a wine social, and in the middle, we’ll have a short discussion and Q&A session. Monthly “How-to” topics will include Scale (Bjorn Oste, Oatly),  Media (Heather Mack, WSJ; Andrew Noyes, Eat JUST, Inc.), Branding, Sales Strategy, Patents, Consumer Insights, Fundraising, etc.


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